Who We Are

The first electronic newspaper licensed by the Ministry of Information and specialized in presenting many academic services to the various educational entities in the State of Kuwait and facilitating their delivery to male and female students by including them under one roof, publishing various scientific, cultural, economic, environmental and social topics locally, regionally and internationally, providing consultations for high school students and all colleges And institutes and universities belonging to the public and private sectors and their graduates to support the decisions of their academic and career future in the State of Kuwait.

Our Aspirations

1. Delivering all our services to the largest student population to benefit from them.

2. Supporting culture in all its aspects and cooperating with its various sectors to develop it in various fields.

3. Increase the level of awareness in the country and create a student community that is academically, scientifically, culturally and psychologically qualified to face the challenges of life and the difficulties of the labor market in accordance with the principle of competence and achieve free and honest competition to manage the future of Kuwait.

Our Goals

1. Adopting the classification criteria for all colleges, institutes and universities in the State of Kuwait in accordance with internationally approved classification rules.

2. Building a student platform for presenting and discussing male and female students ’affairs in various aspects of life and education.

3. Serving female students in choosing the appropriate specialization in line with their personal aspirations, academic abilities and available capabilities based on the requirements of the labor market.

4. Encouraging culture, knowledge and knowledge and supporting all aspects of it to serve a pioneering generation in this field.

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